Smooth Picture in picture


图片中的光滑图片提供易于使用的图片内功能。您可以在Popup / Floation窗口中启用图片和观看Web视频。它将永远在顶部,您可以继续浏览网络,工作,无论如何。

- 在视频播放器中找到一个小图标(在流行的视频站点上工作)
- 从工具栏打开拼图菜单,然后从那里单击分机的图标

Smooth picture in picture provides easy-to-use picture-in-picture functionality. You can enable picture in picture and watch web videos in a popup/floating window. It will be always on top and you can continue browsing the web, working, whatever.

How to use it (2 options):
- Find a small icon in the video player (works on popular video sites)
- Open the puzzle menu from the toolbar and click the extension’s icon from there